September 17, 2014

A Special Kind of Super Hero


This is my first post on my blog, and I'm very excited about it. In this first post I want to share with you something that I made for my dad. 

My dad's birthday was on Monday, and a few weeks ago he asked me If I maybe wanted to make him one of my "special cards" for his Birthday. He would love to have one to put in the livingroom...well, how could I refuse such a request?!

I made him this "Super Hero" card, and I did that with a reason. 


About 5 years ago my Dad got diagnosed with Laryngeal Cancer, which hit him pretty hard. They had to remove his Laryngeal, vocal cords and a piece of his airway...and nobody could tell him if he was ever able to "speak again". It was a really difficult time for all of us, but especially for my Dad. He told us, that if he was never able to talk again, that he did not to live any longer. The operation took about 12 hours, they took out his right chest muscle and put that back in his throat so there could form healthy cells again. 

He also had to go through radiation for a while, a process that made him age years in just a few weeks. 


A few weeks after the surgery my Dad went back to the hospital to find out if he was a suitable candidate for "voice prothesis"...and luckely he was!! This ment that he would get a button put in his throat where he can push on and this way he can "talk"again. 

Unfortunately the hole in his throat that holds the button, always gets tomorrow he has to go to the hospital and they take out the button. The hole needs to close, so they can make a new one in a few weeks..this is about the 4th time they have to do this. 

He went trough so much, and he was (and still is) in so much pain..but he keeps on fighting! He tries to make the best of every day, he works 70-80 hours a week (He's an international truckdriver) I guess it's fair to say that he is truly a "Brave Super Hero"

The Stamp I used is called "Underwear Hero" from A Random Fan Stamps, you can find the Etsy Shop here! I've colored the image with my copic markers, and all the shapes I've cut out with my Silhouette Portrait!

Thank you for visiting my blog!



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  1. Wat een schitterende kaart Kim! Dat verzoek kon je inderdaad niet negeren. Hij is echt een super held, geweldig dat hij zo blijft vechten en doorwerken.